Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Transcript? How can statement of marks be attested?

Transcript is a record of student’s marks or grades achieved during their studies by educational institutions. It is officially signed and sealed by concerned college or education institute authorities or must be authorized by registrar.
Note: Transcript is not a consolidate statement of mark sheet.

2. What is the delivery time/period of transcript?

Delivery time/period depends on the processing time by college or university to university. The processing also includes the application evaluation time and processing duration at colleges or university. Normally, it takes one week to four weeks to get from university. Variation for expected date depends on the process duration from the source institute. To check the duration taken by the university clicks here.

3. Whether the transcript is issued by the education institution are delivered in envelopes with signature and seal by university officials?

All the transcripts which are delivered will bear signature and seal on the reverse flap of the envelope from the Registrar or concern authorized officials of the education institution.

4. What are the documents required to obtain transcript?

Documents asked by the education institutions differ as per their requirements.
Generally, document asked by the institutions are –

  • Scan copy of mark sheet and degree certificate.
  • Scan copy of request letter of transcripts.
  • Scan copy of self attested photo ID proof.

Why clear documents are asked?

Recipient institutions are very strict in receiving the documents failing in sending the precise documents, it may tend for rejection.

Document which are not eligible to obtain transcripts.

  • Scan copies which are unreadable/blurred.
  • Documents with cut off edges.
  • Scan copies which are small/large in size compared to Original ( A4 size).
  • Truncated unclear or missing of university seal and authorized seal.
  • Shadow or shiny patch on the documents.

Kindly be cautions and vigilant before submitting the documents. Otherwise, it will be loss of time.

If documents are oversized, how can I get into A4 size?

It is better you take to business center and get the size reduce to A4 and send it to us. Most UPS stores and FedEx kink us in US/Canada do document size reduction.

5. More than 2 to 3 transcripts orders are consolidated while shipping.

Yes, we can consolidate 2 or more transcripts order and shipped as per your requirement.

6. University will do direct shipment to WES, Canada?

Yes, University will do the direct shipment to Educational Credential Assessments such as WES, IQAS and other organization